SCF&R is trained and equipped to provide fire protection in Silver City and the surrounding area.  We are overcoming many challenges:  inadequate water supply, rough roads, sufficient number of trained personnel, fuels close to tinder dry historic structures, and increasing recreational use in the area.

In 2008, SCF&R has three fire trucks, and two water trucks.

  1. The Interface fire truck was purchased with a generous donation from Cleo Swayne, a Silver City homeowner.  This fire truck is a 1973 military 6 by 6 capable of climbing our steep hills to reach all residences in Silver City.  The Interface is ideal for wildland/urban interface fire protection.  It is loaded with hose, fittings, tools, a portable water tank, and a monitor.   It is outfitted with a 475 gallon water tank and a 750 gallon per minute pump.
  2. In 2006, Mike Leonard and Dave Wilper donated a 1984 Chevrolet , ¾ ton, 4 wheel drive pickup outfitted for use as a brush truck.  This fall, the SCF&R Board voted to decommission this brush truck because it could not provide reliable service.  Our plan is to replace this brush truck with another Type 6 fire truck as soon as possible.
  3. Our structure fire truck is a 1964 Howe Defender donated by Caldwell Rural Fire District.  This truck is stationed in Silver City and provides fire protection for the town’s unique structures.  It has a  400 gallon water tank and a 1250 gallon per minute pump.  The Howe is outfitted with hundreds of feet of 5 inch Large Diameter Hose for use as a portable water main.
  4. The 1972 military 6 by 6 water truck is on loan from Idaho Department of Lands.   This truck has a 1000 gallon water tank.
  5. Our second water truck is also on loan from Idaho Department of Lands:  a 1968 Chevrolet with a 1200 gallon water tank.  Water trucks maintain an adequate water supply to the pumper trucks.

Seven SCF&R volunteers have completed Wildland Fire Fighter 130 and 190 training.  Dick Bahr of the National Park Service, who is stationed at National Interagency Fire Center, has provided Wildland Fire Fighter training to our volunteers.  Five volunteers are in the process of completing Incident Command 131.  Three volunteers have passed the pack test.

In the spring of 2008, thirteen SCF&R volunteers trained in Structure Fire Essentials I.  Other training completed by volunteers is:  Flammable Liquids and Gasses, Flashover Trailer, and Foam Systems.  The training never ends and SCF&R volunteers will continue to complete classes each year.

Silver City was established in 1863 with the discovery of gold nearby.  Silver City provided the needs of approximately 10,000 miners in the nearby area.  Now, Silver City is a unique historic treasure surrounded by Douglas fir, juniper, mountain mahogany, and sagebrush.  Fuels near  historic structures constitute an extreme fire danger.  Within the past seven years, wildfires have consumed thousands of acres within very few miles of Silver City.

The Bureau of Land Management has undertaken a Fuels Reduction Plan to protect Silver City from wildfire.  BLM crews work to reduce the amount of fuel to make it possible to fight a wildfire successfully, and hopefully stop the spread of wildfire to Silver City structures.

SCF&R advises that all homeowners work toward making their homes defendable in case of threatening wildfires.  Information is available on

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