SCF&R works to fulfill the following primary goals: effective fire protection and prevention and training for volunteers and the public. We also work to achieve a good list of long-term goals. Support from volunteers like you is critical; learn more about how you can make a difference to the Silver City area.

Fire Protection and Prevention
SCF&R strives to provide adequate equipment, materials and trained volunteer fire fighters to protect the Silver City area from structure and brush fires. Our long-term goal is to provide education for residents and visitors about fire danger. Read more about our fire protection and prevention equipment and personnel.

SCF&R teaches a variety of fire prevention classes. Training is open to all volunteers and interested residents and visitors. Contact us to learn more about training.

Long Term Goals
SCF&R’s long-term goals include replacing and upgrading fire and EMS vehicles and providing for an adequate fire suppression water supply. Read about our other important goals.

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